Suns Out! Guns Out!

These are my top 5 Summer Essentials!

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1.) Hats.

Brixton Busker Hat

Brixton Busker Hat.

Vans Damone Fedora

Vans Damone Fedora.

OBEY Trademark Navajo Cap

OBEY Trademark Navajo Cap. 

2.) Sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer.

Cheap Monday Automatism Flat-Top Sunglasses

Cheap Monday Automatism Flat-Top Sunglasses.

88 Sunglasses

88 Sunglasses.

3.) Graphic Tank-Tops.

Alltru California Dreaming Tank

Altru California Dreaming Tank.

Lifetime Rich Girls Tank

Lifetime Rich Girls Tank.

Altru Anchor and Circle Tank

Altru Anchor and Circle Tank.

4.) Shorts.

Levi's 511 Denim Cut Off Shorts

Levis 511 Denim Cut-Off Short.

J.Press Embroidered Chino Shorts

J.Press Embroidered Chino Short.

Levis 511 Corduroy Cutoff Shorts

Levis 511 Corduroy Cut-Off Shorts.

5.) Light-Weight Shoes.

Zig Zag Cotton Mesh Slip On Shoe

Zig Zag Cotton Mesh Slip-On.

Vans America Era Sneaker

Vans American Era Sneaker.

Feathers Canvas Stentorian Oxford

Feathers Canvas Stentorian Oxford.

- Ronson.

Model Behavior.

When the Kardashian/Jenner Clan took over television in 2007, they brought the cameras into their homes and lives, thus we we’re introduced to the second youngest of the bunch, Miss Kendall Jenner. Growing up on t.v. we watched her go through the normalities of puberty and the rebellion of the average teenager, now at the ripe age of 15, she has decided to take her first step into a long term career, now signed with Wilhelmina models Kendall has been featured in magazine ads and spreads, has starred in her first music video, and has been a featured model for Forever 21, Marc Clark, Lucca Couture and Nick Saglimbeni. Standing at 5’11 (which is already taller than me) this fierce female will have no problem breaking into the fashion industry.


- Baddsyde.

These are my top 5 Albums of the Summer, some old, some new…but all good.

- Ronson.


"The Lady Is Dead" by PAG (Song "In This Shirt" by The Irrepressibles)

- Ronson.



"Diamond Crowned Queen" by Raja (Sutan Amrull) winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3.


- Baddsyde.

Flash Delirium.

Often referred to as “The New Age Hippie”, Andrew Vanwyngarden is my Style Icon for the month of July. Dressing as eclectic and loud as his music, what’s not to like?

- Ronson.


This Tracy, CA native has got me so worked up with her new music and ambitious wardrobe. Devin Tailes (known by her stage name Dev) is my Style Icon for the month of July. Her quirky yet chic style is the perfect combination for any ocassion. These are some photos posted for examples of how her eclectic style makes me that much more enthusiastic to dress myself everyday, endless combinations.